My name is Joel. I’m D’s dad. D is autistic. D’s mom, his brother, S and I all have our own unique perspective about what autism is. It is my hope and goal that through sharing our experiences here, I’ll be able to help another family cope with some of the stresses of life. I will share my struggles, insights and joys here. I will reflect on what it’s like to experience life as the father to one of the most magnificent little souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My promise is to always be honest and to always pepper this site with humor and sarcasm. I will answer any question I am able, to the best of my ability. I will make this world better than it currently is for my boys. I promise.

Take a look around. Comment, share, and please reach out with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Welcome to Stacking Blocks.

Declan, dad and Cookie Monster. This site is all about our family.
D and Dad.